Providing Adults a Streamlined Approach to Earning Your High School Equivalency or GED


Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona is a full time advocate for adult literacy in Southwest Arizona. As mentors, we change lives through outreach programs, workplace training, education, and tutoring. Our program facilitates success within the family, workplace, and community.

  • Funded in part by the Arizona Department of Education and the United Way of Yuma County.
  • Sponsored by AEA Federal Credit Union, United Way of Imperial County and Arizona Public Works (APS)
  • Accredited by ProLiteracy America
  • Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona is private nonprofit organization serving the community since 1981. We are partners with the City of Yuma, Arizona Western College, APIC, Good Will and the Yuma County Library District.

Why is Literacy Important?
Having poor reading, writing, and speaking skills limit a person’s opportunities for a better life. Literacy is more important in the Information Age than ever before. The Internet holds immense potential for the future, but only for those who can read.


We prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by arming them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and respect of positive, safe, legal, and ethical values.

The students are comfortable using technology in a curriculum that is focused on problem-solving, reflection, application, analysis, and evaluation of new skills, information, and goal-setting.

The teachers function as leaders, collaborators, designers, facilitators, and analysts of such information. Through on-going professional development, they acquire the knowledge and skills to integrate technology into a rigorous and interdisciplinary curriculum which addresses students' specific needs, developmental levels, and learning styles.

At Adult Literacy Plus, we provide education services in conjunction with WIOA co-partners that allow students to achieve college and career readiness and become contributing members of the community.

Adult Literacy Plus of SW AZ (ALPS), formerly known as The Yuma Reading Council, was formed in 1981. It is a local nonprofit school for adults ages 16 and older based in Yuma, AZ. ALPS was created by a group of volunteer teachers who were dedicated to expanding adult literacy skills, and that was the main focus in the beginning of ALPS development. The agency has since grown and gained significant recognition in the State of Arizona as one of the leading adult education facilities sponsored by the Arizona Department of Education/Adult Education Services.

ALPS services have grown past the stage of just helping individuals improve their literacy skills. Currently, the program offers highly qualified instructor-led classes at several different levels in both Mathematics and Reasoning Through Language Arts for those individuals working towards obtaining their High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma. This Blended model of classes meet for six hours a week on site and are supplemented by 16 hours a week of online study with Odysseyware and Burlington English. Students receive individualized educational plans specifically tailored to their academic needs and skill levels. Entrance is welcome to those residents who already have a high school diploma or HSE but want to improve their skills for advancement in the job place and for entrance into post-secondary institutions.

In addition to the face-to-face classes, students may also participate in Distance Learning classes and study from home or at one of the County Libraries through our partnership with the Library District. Students in this program complete a minimum of 25 hours a week of online studying and meet approximately once a month with our traveling instructor at the library closest to their home. ALPS also offers English as Second Language Classes for those residents needing to improve their English skills for the workplace or entrance into post-secondary institutions and certificate programs.

Being a full-time advocate of adult literacy in Yuma County and its surrounding areas, ALPS has seen successful expansion and outreach in the community to encompass the areas of the Foothills, Somerton, and San Luis through technology and our partnerships with library districts.

ALPS is determined to move forward to build the bridge between education and the labor market, and is intentionally working to improve the lives of those utilizing their services through education and marketable job skills. As ALPS moves forward with this new project, we are continually expanding our technology offerings and improving the skills of the teachers as well. Rest assured that Adult Literacy Plus is tirelessly creating innovative programs to prepare its students to be college and career ready in today’s competitive society through continuing partnerships with AZ@Work, the Yuma County Library District, Arizona Western College.

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