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Joel De La Vara

Director, Yuma Regional Medical Center

With over 14 years of experience in operations and personnel management in industries such as healthcare, non-profit, and higher education; Joel currently serves Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) as the Manager of Patient Access. His experience and education has earned him a seat at the table in YRMC's expansion efforts within the Yuma area. He has a macro level mind set and helps identify optimal solutions to bring a higher quality of care to the Yuma community.

Joel is an avid professional with a deep commitment to higher learning and education. He earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management; both from Western International University. His passion for education has led him to join the Adult Literacy Plus Board as a member since August 2017 and as an elected Board President since June 2019, where he currently serves at the pleasure of the Board.

Moises Pimentel


Business Services Consultant

Moises Pimentel was appointed on March 15th, 2019. Mr. Pimentel brings a wealth of experience of over 7 years within workforce development in Yuma County. He began his workforce development career back in 2013 as a Youth Advisor under the WIOA Youth Program at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. His advancement throughout the years has landed him now as the Business Consultant for ARIZONA@WORK - Yuma County; responsible now for engaging business in our community with workforce development services and job seekers with meaningful & sustainable employment.


Justin Jahn

Board Secretary

Sr. Director of Technology for AEA Federal Credit Union

With over 13 years of widespread experience in technology, serving in roles such as full-stack developer, network and voice engineer, and systems architect, Justin now serves AEA Federal Credit Union as the Sr. Director of Technology. By leveraging his unique experiences and skillset, he helps provide excellent technology solutions to AEA's staff and membership, endeavoring to be both a conduit between technology and business need and an advocate for technology solutions that improve processes and realize operational efficiencies. Justin has experience architecting and managing networks both large and small, including wireless, multipath WAN, and remote access solutions. He's helped architect and deploy private cloud solutions based on industry-leading technologies, implemented resilient backup solutions to protect critical assets, and has written enterprise-grade software to process business-critical datasets and integrate disparate systems via workload automation.

Above all, a deep-rooted passion for learning and creative problem solving continues to drive Justin to explore the many facets of technology in today's world and how they might translate to serve the needs of businesses.  Education is a cornerstone of our society and there is no more noble a pursuit than the betterment of one's self.  Justin applies his passion for continuing education and technology as a member of the Adult Literacy Plus Board.  He's been a member of the ALPS board since August, 2018 and board Secretary since February, 2019.


Veronica Shorr

Board Member

Regional Director for the Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma

Veronica joined ALPS Board of Directors in 2015. She has served as President, Vice President, and Secretary while on the board. One of her passions is education and the accessibility to education for everyone.  Veronica works at the Arizona Community Foundation where her job is to work with donors and fundholders as well as other community partners to grow charitable assets and enhance community impact through strategic grantmaking. A native Yuman, her strengths shine in community development, nonprofit sustainability, and philanthropic advising. Veronica developed a deep passion for charitable work as a grant writer and program manager. She received a BA in Social Work from Arizona State University with a focus in community organization and a Master’s Degree in Planning, Administration and Community Practice from the same school.

Outside of her work with ACF, Veronica is very involved in the community and serves on various nonprofit boards, committees, and councils. She is also mom to Benjamin who is a 5th grader and a philanthropist all on his own, and Thomas who is 2 and is just learning about the world around him.

Veronica is presently pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University.


Gil Villegas

Board Member

CFO/Director for Yuma County

Gilberto Villegas was born in Yuma, Arizona, but raised on a small community in northern Mexico. He returned to the United States in 1989 to continue his education and earned a Bachelor Degree in Public Accountancy from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona in December 1995. He started working for Yuma County in 1998 as an accountant and left in 2006 as an Assistant Finance Director to continue his work experience with the Town of Buckeye where he was appointed Deputy Finance Director. In 2009, he returned to Yuma County as Deputy Director and has been running the Financial Services Department.

In 1995, he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Public Accountancy from Northern Arizona University. Gilberto has dedicated his entire professional career to the public service sector starting with Yuma County in 1998, the Town of Buckeye in 2006, and currently again for Yuma County. His commitment to public service and civic leadership had him leading youth groups at his local church and since 2012, serving as Treasurer for the Adult Literacy of Southwest Arizona. Lastly, he is a graduate of the Hispanic Leadership Institute.


Sondra Matthews

Interim Treasurer

Human Resources Director for the City of San Luis

Sondra Matthews was appointed September 2018. Ms. Matthews is a human resources professional who has experience working with governmental and non-profit organizations. She provides support for the agency with her human resources skills and knowledge. Ms. Matthews is a lifelong learner and is passionate about literacy. She believes that Adult Education is a key factor in addressing the skilled worker shortage and enabling adult learners to gain the skills and knowledge to advance in the workforce.


Mark Briones

Board Member

Marketing Director for Radisson Hotels

Mark Briones was appointed to ALPS's Governing Board on March 15, 2019. Born and raised in Yuma County, he is no stranger to the Yuma area. Being a second generation immigrant, Mark has seen the importance and benefits of continuing education. With a desire to help his fellow "Yumans" continue their education and move forward, he is committed to helping grow the ALPS program name and reputation.

Having over 17 years' experience in sales and marketing, along with deep roots in community and business development, along with non- profit organizations, Mark has established great partnerships with people and businesses alike. Utilizing the knowledge learned and with a great network, he is excited for what the future holds.






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