Providing Adults a Streamlined Approach to Earning Your High School Equivalency or GED


Distance Learning is defined as a formal learning activity where students and instructors are separated by geography, time, or both for the majority of the instructional period. DL materials are delivered through a variety of media including, but not limited to, print, audio recordings, video, broadcasts, computer software, web-based programs, and other online technology. Teachers support distance learner through communication via telephone, email, instant messaging, or other technologies and software.

Goals and Vision

  • To prepare adult learners for success in college, career and life. (and postsecondary education and the workforce)
  • To empower learners to transition to postsecondary education and livable wage employment.
  • To allow students to be accountable for their own learning, but giving them the flexibility to study within their own home, work, by phone, games etc.

With life being as busy as it is, it’s important to give all adults the access to their studies when they want and how they want.


  • 25 Hours logged in My Foundations Lab each week
  • Meet with the DL instructor at least once before starting the program
  • Check emails regularly
  • Communicate with the instructor at least twice a week

Hybrid Learning – combination for Face to Face time and online work

“Hybrid learning combines the properties and possibilities of both [FTF classrooms and online learning] to go beyond the capabilities of each separately. It recognized the strengths of integrating verbal and text-based communication and creates a unique fusion of synchronous and asynchronous, direct and mediated modes of communication in that the proportion of face-to-face and online learning activities may vary considerably” (Garrison & Vaughn, 2008, pg. 6).

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