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Instruction for ELAA classes is always presented in a meaningful, life applicable context and is categorized in five phases—Beginning, Intermediate and Advance. These categories are based on the student’s proficiency level. Students begin somewhere in these phases after completing a placement test. The outcome of this learning journey must enable students to read, write, speak, listen, comprehend, analyze and think in English.

The ELAA program provides an appropriately planned instructional program for ESL identified students whose dominant language is not English. The goal of the ELAA Program is to provide potential English language learners with instructional support that will enable them to participate fully in their higher level educational goals, experiences in their social lives, community and family. The objectives of the ELAA program are to develop both basic interpersonal communication skills, cognitive academic language proficiency, and higher order skills such as critical thinking. Students develop proficiency in the language domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking and acquire competency in intercultural interactions. As they meet appropriate level promotion and increase proficiency levels, they continue to set goals for higher education requirements. Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona net-works with other agencies, students are encouraged to participate in the full range of instructional activities in the community such as community college and job training programs.

Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona ELAA classes are hybrid, that means that they are face to face in the classroom as well as online. Each student has an individual learning pathway that is specific for their needs and proficiency level. Our hybrid courses appeal to a variety of learning styles, so most students feel comfortable with this. They are also encouraged to explore any other free websites and resources that will assist them in their learning and motivate their technology learning skills.

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