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Jesse Figueroa, M.Ed., CMPI

Program Director

Jesse Figueroa opens the lines of communication between students, teachers and community partners to provide Adult Education services in Yuma County. With over 20 years in both private and public sectors, Jesse has experience in program improvement, team building, professional development, curriculum implementation and partner collaboration. Jesse's experience in adult education projects from Adult Literacy Plus, District One and Crane School District has earned him the trust, respect and credibility of policymakers and educational leaders in the community. Jesse holds a Master of Science in Human Relations degree from Northern Arizona University and a Certified Manager of Program Improvement certificate from the Arizona Department of Education.

Jesse Figueroa can be reached at 928-343-9363 and/or


Tiana Crumbley,

B.S. in Psych.

Lead ELA and STARS Instructor/Coordinator

Tiana Crumbley is a Lead English Language Arts (ELA) Instructor at Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona (ALPS) and Student Achievement in Reading (STARS) Instructor. Tiana's passion for learning has been with her from her first teetering steps. As a child she devoured books as quickly as most kids gobble candy. Tiana's thirst for knowledge has followed her into adulthood leading her on a plethora of interesting paths and adventures. Tiana started her teaching quest working with developmentally disabled children at United Cerebral Palsy (UCP). This ultimately led to furthering her education in Psychology. Tiana completed her B.S. in Psychology at Northern Arizona University in 2015. In Tiana's free time she enjoys oil painting and crafting handmade soaps and candles. Tiana is the proud mother of three amazing children whom have taught her more than she could ever teach them.


Shondra Dyer,  

B.S. in Elem. Ed.

Lead Mathematics and IET Instructor

Shondra Dyer is the Lead Mathematics Instructor and the Integrated Education and Training (IET) Coordinator, at Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona (ALPS). Shondra earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 2010 from Northern Arizona University. She has also earned credentials as a Retail Industry Fundamentals Specialist, Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist, and Business of Retail Certified Specialist from the National Retail Federation's Rise Up program. Shondra spent 8 years working as a general education teacher in the elementary setting specializing in Mathematics instruction and has worked as an Adult Based Education (ABE) Instructor for over 2 years. As the IET Coordinator, Shondra is focused on providing students with nationally recognized certification opportunities leading toward placement in the workforce. Shondra has a passion for education, and finds success in helping students of all ages meet their educational and career goals.


Maria Johnson,


ELAA Instructor

Maria Adelaida Johnson earned her Bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University in Arts and Sciences and her Master's degree from University of Phoenix in Elementary Education. She began working with Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona (ALPS) in 2000. During that time frame, she taught GED preparation, English as a Second Language, Spanish for Careers, Citizenship Preparation, and Distance Learning. In 2006, she decided to return to the public school system and taught Middle School Language Arts for 5 years , then came back to work at ALPS in 2011. At the present time, Maria, teaches all levels of ESL (ELAA). Maria loves teaching adults and says some of the gratifying aspects of teaching adults are that they are back at school with a purpose. She loves to see students flourish as they gain confidence of their communication skills in a second language. She says she loves to teach students to set goals in order to fulfill their dreams in a new country and for them to see they can make their dreams a reality.


Blanca Garcia, A.A.

ELAA Instructor

Blanca Garcia was born in Mexico and came to the United States when she was 18 years old.

She attended the University of the Pacific in California where she earned a High School Equivalency diploma with honors credit. She also attended Delta College where she completed an Associate of Arts in Business Administration.


Anna Estrada

Administrative Assistant I

Anna Estrada is currently an Administrative Assistant and data entry clerk at Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest Arizona (ALPS).

She has been with ALPS for ten years and is a previous graduate from our ABE/ASE/HSE program. She obtained her GED diploma back in February 2009, and, a year later, worked for ALPS as a volunteer. She was hired as a staff member in April 2010.

After completing eligibility verification with the front office, students will then be scheduled to see Anna to officially register and test into our program. Her primary duties then involve managing the day-to-day workflow in and out of the office, as well as maintaining the security and entry of students' information across our data systems.

Anna is one of our primary points-of-contacts for information regarding ALPS' services, from: program types and class schedules, to eligibility verification and placement testing, to GED testing information.

She is always eager to assist new and returning students – as well as non- students about general adult education information – and encourages them to always contact her with any of their questions.

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